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This is where our adventures started.  

The beginning of 2016 was difficult.  We had thousands of dollars of medical bills that were piling up from the birth of our 5th child to the ongoing financial burden caused by treating MS.

Our dream of taking “THE BIG TRIP OUT WEST” had faded from the realm of possibilities.  In fact, we weren’t sure how we were going to pay all the medical bills.

We were feeling pretty low and discouraged.

One Saturday night, as we lay in bed, trying to figure a way out of the impossible mess, I said, “We just need to take a break.  We need to get out for a little while and have some fun.”

So I grabbed the laptop and began a search for “family fun near Knoxville.”

The search didn’t take long before I stumbled on THE LOST SEA.

As we browsed the website, we knew we hit the jackpot!

The Lost Sea was only about an hour drive from our house, the admission prices weren’t too bad (two of our kids were free), and the boys would get to go spelunking!!!

It was a no brainer.

We woke Sunday morning, skipped church (sinners), and headed south.

The short day trip was exactly what we needed to help break us out of the funk we found ourselves in.

The boys couldn’t believe that they got to play in a cave all day, which included a ride on a glass bottom boat and seeing the massive fish swimming around the Lost Sea.


We had so much fun that day.  We were able to take a break from the hard stuff that was weighing us down at home.  We felt like we got a chance to catch our breath.

On the ride home, Katie and I discussed how simple that was and how we needed to plan another trip for the next month.

So that is what we did.

The next trip…The Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY.