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We spent a wonderful week in sunny Florida.  

Katie’s dad lives in Florida, so we had a free place to stay, a pool where the kids could splash around, a boat for fishing, and Jetty Park close by.  Everything a family of 7 needs for a little rest and relaxation.

But by the end of the week, we were ready to head home.

  1. Two kids got pink eye.  Katie spent the better part of the morning getting our pediatrician back home to call in a prescription to treat Pink Eye.
  2. The Eldest got swimmer’s ear and the pain was so intense that Katie had to take him to the emergency room the night before we left.
  3. I noticed that our 1999 Suburban (with 270K + miles) was leaking engine coolant.  Not the thing you want to happen before a 12 hour drive back to Tennessee.
  4. And the house where we were staying had some plumbing issues.  The sewer line backed up.  A family of 7 can pack quite a punch to the old plumbing in the course of a week.

There was sewage everywhere in the halls.

So while Katie was at the ER with The Eldest, I was left to pack the car while mitigating the sewage issue and keeping an eye on the engine coolant.

When the vacation gods say it’s time to go, you need to listen.